About Us
We are GEOSPATIAL Data Specialists
for Spatial Reality Computing.

Creating Data-Smart Asset Solutions with Geospatial Intelligence.

VIZZIO.AI was founded by a team of researchers and entrepreneurs from Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, MIT & Tsinghua. We are a venture capital backed 3D visualization and reality capture company.

Our vision is to enable everyone to capture the world in 3D with smart devices and share it across a plethora of platforms and medium. We provide a blazing fast, embed-anywhere, fully-immersive 3D scanning & visualization platform that can turn 2D content into stunning multi-dimensional, interactive, digitally reconstruct environments for use in web, augmented and virtual reality experiences on and off-screen.

With more than 500 patents accumulated (USPTO & China), we provide a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions that capture, measure, and visualise the physical world and enable data-driven transformation across industry ecosystems. Build customized 3D solutions based on geospatial intelligence. Visualize real time, relevant data, such as occupancy and energy use, through an intuitive 3D spatial interface for a unified view of smart cities, campuses, commercial properties, shopping malls, airports, museums, and more.

We empower you to build geo-smart solutions to show the world what’s coming in geo-intelligence. We help you clone the world in 3D and enabling real-time information and simulating responses using IOT sensors; These advanced virtual clones accurately represent not just the devices, but also people, processes, and systems, mapping their relationships in a spatial context.

We are particularly good at CREATING & VISUALISING DIGITAL REALITIES that combine advanced visualization technologies, AI, and machine learning processes, GPU-Powered EDGE-COMPUTING scanning systems, bringing together an advanced yet easy-to-use platform designed for dimensionally accurate and immersive 3D visualization.

Your World. Reimagined.


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